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 [Selling] Nataya Robe and Pants all +4

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PostSubject: [Selling] Nataya Robe and Pants all +4   Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:51 am

nataya robe +4
Magical Resistance: 3
Constitution: 3
Physical Defense: 2

nataya pants +4
Magical Defense: 1
Constitution: 3
Defense: 3

prices at 800K/item.


The MMORPG I played:
Tantra Extreme: Active
Last Chaos: Inactive
Perfect World PH: Online during patching
Perfect World EX: Online during patching
Silkroad Online: Semi-Active
World of Warcraft RZ: Inactive
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[Selling] Nataya Robe and Pants all +4
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