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 Cracking 9Dragons Close Beta KEYS!

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PostSubject: Cracking 9Dragons Close Beta KEYS!   Sat Dec 02, 2006 5:00 pm

Ive already written this from http://curse-x.com/ yet I forgot to post it here, so if your interested in playing an alternative, read this and follow the steps provided.

Your Key is: [color:56a1=red:56a1]00000g1kcvj1uuvp // This is my Beta KEY - Dont use this Key its already been used.

This is what you need to do with it.

1) Download the game from http://www.persistentworlds.co.uk/download9Dragons.asp
2) Set up your account at by going to http://www.persistentworlds.co.uk/activate9Dragons.asp
and follow the instructions using your key when prompted.
3) Log in and start testing
4) Report any bugs that you find at
Persistent Worlds - Forums
5) Have fun!


1) Download from Fileplanet
This is a FREE service despite all the attempts to get you to subscribe. Please follow these instructions for the minimum hassle.
�Go to
�Click the �download this file now� button
�Click the �don�t have an account? Click here to get one� link near top of page
�Complete the �register� details on RHS of page
�Click the �no thanks� on the �get the most from your membership� page
�Click �continue� on the profile page
�Go back to
Click the �download this file now� button
Scroll all the way down the page and there are links to download from FilePlanet servers

2) Setting up your account with Secure Account
If you have any problems with account please take the following actions.

- If your account comes up saying that the key in use. Then restart the account management process.
- If a blank screen occurs then you need to enable your cookies. Simple instructions on how to do this can be found in our FAQ section on Persistent Worlds - Forums - SecureAccount Help

How to Crack the KEY!
This is the Actual steps I did to give 5 more invitations for my friends from 1 Close Beta Invitation 9dragons gave me.
First, lets assume you already registered your account to secureaccount.net and the registration ask you to submit the Close Beta Key.
Second, Copy "00000g1kcvj1uuvp" and Paste it over into the Activation Key field in your Registation page.
Third, Press "Submit" after you have supplied your Account (ingame Account), Password (in game Password).
Third, there will be an error saying "Key already in Use".
To remove this Error and successfully Joined the Close Beta is by doing this:
Assuming you copied "
00000g1kcvj1uuvp" into Activation Key Field.
from "00000g1kcvj1uuvp" change some of the characters into "00000g1kcvj1uuvx".
You may change whatever character into your desired character as long as you dont Change "00000g1kcj1uu", The only thing you need to change into any character you desired is "vp"

EX: 00000g1kcvj1uuvp -> 00000g1kcvj1uuvx or 00000g1kcvj1uuxl

Repeat this process until you successfully Joined Close Beta. Razz



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Cracking 9Dragons Close Beta KEYS!
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